Have You Checked Out The Clean Cut Film Slitter System? Window Tint, Paint Protection Film, Vinyl Graphics and Vehicle Wrap

Have You Checked Out The Clean Cut Film Slitter System?

The all new Clean Cut Film Slitter System is going to rapidly become your film handling and slitting tool of choice. No matter if you use your slitting machine for window tint, paint protection film, vinyl graphic material or car wraps, the Clean Cut Box Slitter has you covered. The main improvements have come with the updated Cutting Bar and Cutting Head. Watch the video below and read some of the new features of the two components below.

Clean Cut Cutting Bars:


  • Bars Feature Ruler on Top for Easy Measurements
  • Smooth and Precise Edge to Utilize as Trim Guide
  • Universal Bar Fits Snugly Over the Inner Edge of Material Box

Clean Cut Cutting Head:


  • Cutter Head Design Allows for Easy Blade Changes
  • New Blade Allows Easy Cutting Though a Variety of Film Materials and Thicknesses
  • Strong Magnets Assure Cutter Head Stays Where You Placed It


Thanks for checking out this post on the Clean Cut Film Slitter System. Call your tool distributor today to get more information and pricing.

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