Clean Cut Box Slitter System in Action

Save Time & Wasted Material – Clean Cut Box Slitter

When cutting film out of the box for several smaller windows or panels, often the process can be time consuming and needlessly waste valuable material. The Clean Cut Box Slitter makes easy work of slitting smaller pieces out of a wider roll. In these pictures you can see how we easily cut all three pieces needed for this rear pick-up truck window with one pull of material. Fast, Easy and Efficient! A special thanks to Jeff at American Auto Enhancement for allowing us to watch him using the Clean Cut Box Slitter System in the field.

This system works great for cutting of all types of window tint, paint protection films, vinyl graphic material and car wraps. For more information on the Clean Cut, email is at today. We would be happy to answer any questions and to inform you as to where you can buy this great system.

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