Clean Cut Works Great as a Car Wrap Slitter

Clean Cut Becomes a Car Wrap Slitter With Ease!

Here are a few action photos of the Clean Cut Box Slitter doing it’s thing as a car wrap slitter. We captured these pictures at American Auto Enhancement in Littleton, Colorado as they were getting ready to install car wrap on this Chrysler 300.

The vehicle wrap they were using was a matte green 3M 1080 Series. To make the Clean Cut the ideal car wrap slitter, setup is critical because you must support a heavy roll of vinyl. We folded the box flaps into the box and duct taped the back of the box to the box tray for added support. It was completely set up in less than 2 minutes. Then, the 60’’  Cut Bar fit nice and snug on the leading edge of the box. The new design of the machined Cutter Head with the encapsulated neodyminum magnets worked flawlessly and cut through the 3M 1080 like butter. On this particular install we didn’t need multiple Cutter Heads but you could certainly use two and have two nice straight cuts to reduce your waste.

The Clean Cut system is a little deceiving in its simplicity. I always hear, “I just put a blade in the box’’. By relying on a blade in the box, you don’t get the precise measurement in width or in length and no straight edge to cut your film off. The Clean Cut System was designed to be a more practical and lighter weight film slitting and cutting system. This system is a great alternative to the heavy and bulky Film Handler, and it sells for less than half the cost! Keep your money in your pocket and use the one and only Clean Cut Box Slitter.

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